Toddler Room

Toddlers are great explorers. Each day brings a new adventure and many challenges. Toddlers are constantly testing limits and investigating how things work. They strive for independence, but still need the comfort that structure provides.

The staff in the toddler room guide exploration and foster problem solving and creativity. Social skills and peer interaction are integrated with listening, learning, and cooperation in group activities. Teachers expand on children’s verbal skills using various techniques such as echo, active listening, OWL (observe, wait and listen), and repetition. One on one interactions are a focus to encourage the growth and development of language. Daily reports are given when you pick you child up.

The toddler program is set up to provide structure and routine allowing time for children to play and explore in a safe and secure environment. The activities are created to appeal to the children’s senses and focus on all developmental domains, (cognitive, social, emotional, gross and fine motor and physical). Self help skills such as dressing and feeding themselves are practiced daily and toilet training is a cooperative process undertaken by both parent and caregiver. This makes the experience consistent at home and daycare for the child, increasing his sense of independence and autonomy.