Nike Nfl Licensing Agreement

The Nike NFL Licensing Agreement – All You Need to Know

Nike, Inc. has been the official manufacturer and supplier of NFL team uniforms and gear since 2012. This partnership has allowed Nike to dominate the sports apparel industry while bringing a fresh and innovative approach to NFL team uniforms.

To understand the Nike NFL licensing agreement, it is important to know that the agreement is divided into two categories: Apparel and Footwear. In both categories, Nike has exclusive rights to produce and sell NFL-branded merchandise.


In the Apparel category, Nike has the right to produce and distribute all NFL team uniforms, sideline apparel, and fan gear. This includes everything from the jerseys and pants worn by the players on game day to the hats and t-shirts worn by fans in the stands.

As part of the agreement, Nike is required to provide all 32 NFL teams with a complete set of new uniforms every five years. This ensures that each team has a fresh and up-to-date look for their fans to enjoy.


In the Footwear category, Nike has exclusive rights to produce and distribute all NFL-branded footwear. This includes everything from cleats and training shoes to casual sneakers and sandals.

As part of the agreement, Nike is required to provide all NFL players with footwear for pregame and on-field use. This ensures that players have access to the best possible equipment and are able to perform at their best.

Marketing Rights

In addition to the Apparel and Footwear categories, Nike also has exclusive marketing rights for all NFL-branded merchandise. This means that only Nike is allowed to advertise and promote NFL gear, including jerseys, t-shirts, and hats.

In order to ensure that the NFL brand is protected, Nike must adhere to strict guidelines when designing and promoting NFL-branded merchandise. These guidelines are designed to maintain the integrity of the brand and ensure that the merchandise is of the highest quality.


Overall, the Nike NFL licensing agreement has been a successful partnership for both Nike and the NFL. Through innovative design and high-quality products, Nike has helped to elevate the NFL brand and bring a fresh approach to team uniforms and gear.

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