Preschool Program

The preschool years (2 ½ -5) are an opportunity for learning that almost knows no bounds. With minds like sponges, preschoolers learn through play experiences and expand their knowledge at an incredible rate. These are the years that prepare your child for the school experience and beyond.

Because children learn best through experiences they are interested in, programs are developed from daily experiences, expanding on ideas that the children express an interest in. For example, a teacher may observe the children watching a butterfly in the playground and note that the children continue their interest over lunch.

The next day the teacher has planned group activities, creative experiences and brought books that deal with the life cycle of the butterfly. All activities and equipment allow for open-ended discussions and communication that allow the children to expand their learning through concrete experiences and critical thinking.

Staff plan experiences designed to foster positive social interactions and provide opportunities for fun, hands on, interactive play that prepare the children for a future filled with friends and a love of learning that will carry them through life.